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With Urban living environments, density increases and here in Seattle, we have many homeowners in Condos and Townhouse Style living situations. These buildings still need painted and we are here to help!

Whether it’s four townhome style buildings on a lot here in Seattle that need exterior painters, or larger buildings, PNW House Painting is the choice for exterior house paint, even when you share exterior walls with your neighbors.

Maybe you as a condo owner would like to have the interior of your unit repainted, liven up the space, and change the colors in your life. In any case, it can be hard to find a painter with the experience and patience to work with HOAs. We understand that sometimes things move slow (like getting color approvals), and at other times the process needs to move fast (this is the year designated in the bylaws to paint, the money is set aside, and the decision needs to be made).

In any case, PNW House Painting is a painting company that can work with you and your HOA to accomplish a project of any size, whether that is interior room painting in your condo, or repainting with the best exterior house paint every part outside your building.

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Although not all townhomes and HOA situations will fall under this category, what we see here in Seattle is that about 10-15 years ago there were a lot of three story townhomes built in the city. These are often sided with cedar lap siding and generally had a thin coat of builder’s paint on the outside to which the color is long since a forgotten remnant of the day it was put on the market. The South wall and West face of these buildings is dry and the wood can often be cracking and splitting, maybe warping upwards and nails have started popping out of the siding.

Aside from the normal challenges of prepping the wood and siding to ensure a long last paint job, which you can read more about in the Exterior Painting section in our Processes and Procedures, townhomes or townhouses of this style have a couple other unique features that we are well prepared to handle, those being the height of the building with narrow access, and the fact that homeowners share walls together.

Building homes close together and going up in height is a great strategy from an urban development standpoint, but can create some challenges to getting the exterior painting accomplished, especially for homeowners that might be inclined to DIY painting projects but now find the prospect of working on ladders 30-40 feet in the air daunting, let alone having the right expensive and heavy ladders to do the job.

People are often surprised at what we can accomplish with ladders alone. It’s true that a lift can be a godsend in certain situations, but often with townhome painting in Seattle, it is only the narrow driveway side of the building that can be accessed with a lift. Our crews are experts in ladder management and getting high to reach spots of your home again and again while maintaining a high level of safety during operation.

When you think about painting your home, every spot high up on the house will need exterior painting and ladder placements 4-5 times throughout the course of the project. First time around the house is setting the ladder up to prep (scrape, sand, spot prime, caulk, mask), and then again to paint the siding (twice) and then coming back around to paint the trim (twice).

On many tall ladder placements, the crew will leave the ladder in place for the prescribed dry time to recoat the exterior paint. They will busy themselves with other tasks around the house with effective and efficient management of the project as a whole, and return to the set up ladder to complete the second coat before moving on.

It’s a lot of work to move 32 and 40 foot aluminum ladders around and safely set them up! Especially when working with tight lots lines, close neighbors, and interesting positions for ladder placement. But PNW House Painting has the expertise as a painting company to get the job done right and safely every time, no matter the size of your condo painting or townhouse painting needs.

The other tricky scenario that comes up with townhouses and townhome painting is general is that homeowners share exterior walls with neighbors. Often lots will have three or four neighbors together. The configurations here in Seattle could be three units to one building and one separated off for a total of four. Or two different two unit buildings.

Whatever the case or configuration, as a homeowner working to be a good neighbor and keep the peace it is important to consider the relationships there in terms of cost and colors. Fortunately or Unfortunately, not all townhouse style arrangements have an HOA to provide direction on painting.
This could mean that when you are ready to paint your home, your neighbor is neither inclined to do the same, or does not have the budget to do so, even though you share exterior walls that need painted!

The good news is that we can paint half a building or structure if necessary and come back a year or two later when it is a more budget friendly situation for the neighbor. Even when painted at the same time, we can find ways to choose different colors that go well together but give each owner a sense of individuality and choice in their home painting.