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PNW House Painting was founded in 2015 with the goal to provide Exceptional House Painting Services to clients in Seattle and Puget Sound.

We offer professional painting services Including Interior and Exterior Painting, Commercial and New Construction, as well as Condo and Fence Painting. We treat every project as if it was our own.

One of the things that sets us apart from other Seattle painting companies is that we are deeply knowledgeable about the products we are using, and the conditions of the homes we find here in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is a unique city in that there are many different styles of homes stretching for the beginning of the 20th century until now, and they are often side by side in our favorite neighborhoods of Wallingford, Ballard, Fremont, and Magnolia (Don’t worry we do the other neighborhoods of Seattle also, and the Eastside with Bellevue, Kirkland, and Sammamish as well). We are sure that you’ve seen a charming Craftsman home sitting side by side to an impressive three story monster that fills the lot size with it’s footprint. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to follow the right methods and select the right products for every possibility in the Seattle area,

Brad Feddersen started PNW House Painting in 2015 with a pretty simple intention to paint outdoors during the summer and be able to travel during the winter months. He told himself, “no more than two years with this life, and then I’ll move on.”

Except that sitting on a terrace in the Andean sun of Quito Ecuador that second winter he realized it would be letting a lot of people down to stop painting now, that the opportunity to provide high quality and professional painting in the Seattle area was still exploding, and that this was a pretty nice life.

So he doubled down.

Whereas he had built his business door knocking in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle and through referrals there, he decided it might be a good idea to attend the Seattle Home Show because it was kind of like knocking on doors, only all the Seattle homeowners walk past you for a week instead of going out every evening and weekend to walk around the neighborhood.

The unintended consequence of the Seattle Home Show is that a lot of homeowners had a really strong interest in having their house painted, but they were not located in Seattle! Oh well, that’s why we are called PNW House Painting and not Seattle House Painting.

So in that third year, PNW House Painting painted homes from Auburn to Everett, all over the Eastside in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Sammamish, and up North on the Lake in Bothell and Woodniville as well.

It was a geographic explosion!

And to talk about not wanting to let people down. How do you tell someone in Auburn who wants a house painting estimate, after they saw the beautiful work on their neighbor’s home, that you don’t want to drive down there, that it’s too far away, or that it’s “outside your service area?”

So after five years in business, Brad spends less time every year traveling (though he still gets away) and more time building the business. He doesn’t do a lot of the painting anymore, but takes on a couple projects a year personally “just to stay sharp.”

Currently he also does most of the sales and estimating but it working on training new estimators to meet demand and be able to focus on other aspects of the business.

One thing that you can feel confident about as a homeowner or client is that Brad built this business with an intention to be proud of every job, and more than that now, is to be proud of the company and culture that lets the organization grow beyond him personally and continue to provide professional painting services, house painting, and interior room painting throughout the Pacific Northwest for decades to come.


Building business is a passion for Brad, so when not working on PNW House Painting, he stays intensely busy on other projects as well, including combining his interests in Space Exploration with his credibility and experience in painting by licensing a NASA coating technology to repurpose into a superhydrophobic boat bottom paint with his startup Space Paint, or becoming an owner in a local friend’s seattle-based kombucha business at Bucha Belly where they deliver insanely fresh kombucha to your door every week. It’s the eclectic Seattle 21st century equivalent of the milkman.

When not working on one of his businesses, painting, or training new employees, Brad likes to stay active in the outdoor community where he climbs volcanoes here in the Northwest and abroad in South America (eventually the Himalaya as well), is a member of a couple sailboat racing crews for both competition races and fun events like Duck Dodge on Lake Union, goes to local shows and concerts occasionally, and sometimes finds time to hit the slopes.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brad Feddersen is proud to offer the services of PNW House Painting and provide exceptional quality Seattle painting for many years to come. He is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator here in Seattle.








Our Core Values

“Painting is our Passion” Ray Kroc might have said if he hadn’t first found his obsession with hamburgers.

A passion for entrepreneurship and all that it can accomplish is an equal passion here at PNW. To build the business systems and provide the training to this generation of craftspeople, and to ensure that Seattle has quality house painting no matter what is our goal.

As such, we have developed a set of Core Values that help guide our actions in growing the business:


A focus on quality is the foundation of everything we do and everything else in our business. Doing the right thing when no one is looking, painting everything thoroughl, with the right preparation and product knowledge every time, finding a way to do a little more and give a little more on every job, treating our clients as good friends, and of course - cutting clean lines.


Nothing great was ever accomplished alone. Many times we find ourselves burdened by the difficulties of “too much to do” (problems of abundance) and the only way to overcome those is to grow and help others fill the shoes we are leaving behind. It’s necessary to step outside our comfort zone and take the time to teach and train those below us while staying empathetic and encouraging of their ambitions. At PNW House Painting we seek opportunities to grow and stretch ourselves while providing the path and incentive for others to grow along with us.

Long Term Potential / Forward Thinking Vision

Overnight successes generally tend to have many years of effort that go quietly unseen before anyone would call them that. Even one year is too short to establish greatness in anything. We seek to make decisions that are best for the long term and we do this by staying present and ready for the challenges of the today with our eyes to the horizon for opportunities to come and working tirelessly to manifest those possibilities in the future.

Seeking Challenging and Rewarding Experiences (Do Hard Things)

It’s fun to do challenging things, and without fun there is no heart to the task at hand. A key piece of our culture is seeking out challenges: Whether that is a new type of work, a new process, personal growth, or just a really big hard house on a cliff that no other painter wants to paint - we love those challenges and seek to make them.

More than Painting

It was hard to not make this number one since the business was established to allow the owner to travel during the winter. But no great contracting business was ever built that did not have a foundation is quality. To say that it is a core value of our business to be “More than Painting” is to say that everyone involved has other motivations for painting - our employees and painters have bills to pay and family to raise, the owner has literal mountains to climb, our customers and clients have backyard barbeque’s to have, and siding that needs protected. We paint not simply to paint, but to support everything else in the lives of the people involved in this business - clients included. That we will always seek to have this company as a platform and foundation of more is a root part of why we exist.

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